Equipment Repairs

Profitability is always the order of business. Most facilities attempt to achieve this objective through a lean and efficient operation. Yet when dealing with equipment, profitability can become restricted. The hidden costs of service and service related equipment acquisitions can cause you problems.
We know that even though the lowest priced equipment shows initial savings, service costs can substantially reduce your long term returns. And, with malpractice suits reaching epic proportions, you cannot afford the luxury of not conforming to specified maintenance obligations set forth by the manufacturers.

After careful evaluation of your current and future service costs, perhaps you’ll find that your present service program is not cost-effective.

At B.E.S.T., we address this problem by providing you with service that either you can’t do yourself, can’t afford to have the manufacturer do, or just don’t have the time to do. Through a variety of individualized service and maintenance programs, B.E.S.T. can keep your equipment paying for itself.

Our concern is taking care of your equipment, so you can take care of your patients.
We offer a complete range of service on Suction & Respiratory Care related equipment.

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Medical Equipment and Instrument Repair List

Gas Analysis / Piping Certification

The NFPA 99 Guidelines require that after any renovation, modification or addition, a Medical Gas or Vacuum System be inspected and appropriately tested. It also recommends that an annual maintenance program be in effect.


B.E.S.T. offers:

  • Over 20 years of testing experience
  • All test procedures are performed in accordance with standards and guidelines set by NFPA 99
  • Annual Inspection – customized to serve the needs of your facility. Complete inspection on a regular basis lessens the possibility that problems may occur.


Testing Options Include:

  • Medical Gas Outlets – Function & Operations Oxygen, Medical Air, Nitrous Oxide, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide
  • Vacuum/Evacuation Outlets – Function & Operation
  • Function & Operation
    • Zone Valves
    • Area & Master Alarm Panels
    • Medical Gas Manifolds
    • Medical Air Compressor
    • Medical Vacuum Pump 
  • Medical Gas Purity Analysis 
    Oxygen, Medical Air, Nitrous Oxide, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide 
  • Dew Point Determination


Rentals / Shutdown Services

Whether you are looking for "State of the Art" Ventilation Products, Suction Pumps, or Oxygen and Air Delivery Systems, let B.E.S.T. accommodate your rental needs. We offer a wide variety of equipment and timely delivery service with a professional set-up.


We, at B.E.S.T., are also available for full service gas shutdowns. From equipment planning to delivery, you can feel confident that B.E.S.T. will exceed your expectations.

Plan ahead for the unexpected, and let B.E.S.T. be part of your plan.